identitags are ideal for schools and nurseries…

Lost uniform is a great concern for both parents and schools. Parents are encouraged to label their children’s clothing, but the common methods of marker pen and iron-on names wash off quickly, and sew-on labels are time consuming to attach.

With identitags, marking your children’s clothing is easy and efficient!

The small, smooth buttons are laser-etched with your child’s name and simply attached using the identitags toolkit. This unique attachment is especially designed to be entirely comfortable and discreet on all items of clothing.

EXAMPLES -  tops/jumpers/trousers/ties/tights/skirts/gym kits

When clothes are outgrown you can easily remove your identitags from one item and reattach to the next. The buttons last for years, being specifially designed for durability and to withstand any temperature wash.

Your order of identitags will come including fasteners. These are the small elasticated strips used to attach the buttons to the clothes. Extra fasteners are available, with each fastener working out at less than 1p each, making the cost of re-use minimal. If your school is already using identitags, you may not need to purchase the identitags toolkit.

If you are a School or Nursery manager and would like to to introduce identitags throughout your school please contact us for an implementation pack at