How do I attach identitags to clothes?

Simply, easily, efficiently, if we do say so ourselves. Just take a look at our tutorial video.

How many will I need?

It will depend on the number of items of clothing, but only one per item. We recommend 48 buttons per child as a starting point.

How long do they last?

Over one thousand washes/tumble dries, with no sign of deterioration. The unique fastening system is very strong, anchoring onto the button itself rather than relying on the fabric. This makes it suitable for all types of material. identitags have been tested in industrial machines using the strongest chemicals. The buttons stay fastened and the text remains visible and clear.

Are they re-usable?

Yes, they can be easily removed using scissors, and then re-attached using a new fastener. You can purchase extra fasteners from our shop. Then you can re-use your identitags year on year as your children grow out of their old clothes, making identitags very cost effective.

What's the best place to attach them to clothes?

We have a guide for where to label different items of clothing for complete comfort, but really anywhere that is discreet and comfortable.


How big are they?

The buttons are a similar size to that of a button on a school shirt. They can be attached to the wash label, no different to a spare button.



Will they irritate my child's skin?

No, the patented attachment system is even smoother than that of a sewn on button. All the fastener is integrated bellow the surface of the button, specifically designed with comfort in mind.


What can we have printed on identitags?

Almost anything you want - names, initials, numbers, even images. Bear in mind the buttons are designed to be small and discreet, so there is a limited print area. To ensure that the print is easy to read we would advise a maximum of 10 characters per line (2 lines of print).

Do you provide samples?

We will send samples to schools, hospitals, hotels, care homes and military bases.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to dispatch same/next day, with next day recorded delivery UK wide. International delivery times vary depending on country. 

How do I place an order?